Route 66 Sinclair Gas

                            “Route 66 has a spirit. It’s alive, and it’s growing all the time.” 

Back story on my work Route 66 

Garys Gay Parita 

a replica 1930 Sinclair fuelling station. 

Travelling to SPAH 2016 we stayed in Kingman Az at the…

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Cross Harp“ROOTS: A Black Heritage Art Show”

Cross Harp by Nedra Russ 

In the 20th-century, southern black musicians found the devil in the harmonica. The cheap and portable instrument was made at Hohner’s workshop in Germany for use in traditional European waltzes and marches, but when it…

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SPAH Diversity At it's Best

How many types of Harmonicas are there? I say as many as needed for the many types of music it is used for. Harmonicas come in all shapes and sizes, it is mind boggling.  At SPAH each year all types…

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The Harmonica Lady Shows & More

Getting ready for the shows we have on the books-check it out on the main page and look for the signs that point the way.
Adding more shows all the time so join our mailing list! New songs, as
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The Harmonica Lady goes to SPAH

Well this year I hit the road to take my show to San Antonio for this years SPAH 2016 SPAH's annual convention, August 8th to Aug 13th
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Team Magic

When working as a team magic leader it means being able to connect with the other people . I personally love when that happens! When working with Kids it is magic anyway making it very easy. When working with adults…Read more

Big Walter Horton

 Walter Horton was born in Horn Lake, MS (April 6, 1917), but his mother soon moved to Memphis where Walter taught himself how to play the harmonica at five years of age. He later learned more about his instrument by…

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47 down

Kennedy mine head spirits of the miners on there way out from the argonaut "Spirits over Jackson"
 The photos I used to create this work are of the miners and the firefighters that tried to save them.
The Argonaut produced…

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Meet Mike Caldwell

1: As this is your first trip Tell us how it all began for you how you came to love and play the Harmonica?       I began plinking out melodies on the piano at the age of 4, so by theRead more

Hohner Harmonica the way West

Shortly after Hohner began manufacturing harmonicas in 1857, he shipped some to relatives who had emigrated to the United States. Its music rapidly became popular, and the country became an enormous market for Hohner's goods. 

Winslow Yerxa  President…

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Joe Filisko Teach In.

  Hell-o Joe 


#1: When and how did you get involved with SPAH


My first  SPAH was Detroit 1990.  I believe that the first year I volunteered was Memphis 1994 and have tried to be as involved as I could in…

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