These seasoned award-winning musicians, true soul mates united by a bond of performance and composition, Nedra and Julio constitute an orchestra of two.”

— Gwen Clayton, Ledger Dispatch


 Their new album, "Livin' my life now," scheduled for release July 2019. In addition to their busy music schedule, this Summer of 2019 finds Nedra newly-appointed as Art and Music Director for the Blue Mountain Coalition for Youth and Families in West Point, CA, thanks to a substantial Grant from the California Arts Council awarded on the basis of Nedra's Art, and their original song, Little Bumblebee. August 2019 finds Nedra and Julio on the road to Tulsa, OK for the 56th annual convention of the Society for the Preservation and Advancement of Harmonica (SPAH), where they have been invited to teach as well as offer Nedra's fine art and Hohner endorsed art and jewelry creations. 

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